Best Drivers For High Handicappers

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Best Drivers For High Handicappers

If you’re a high handicapper, choosing the right driver is crucial to improve your game. We know how challenging it can be to find one that works well for you. That’s why we’ve carefully analyzed a variety of drivers that are designed to help golfers like us.

In this review, we’re going to explain the features that matter most, such as forgiveness, shaft flex, and head shape. By understanding these, you can pick a driver that helps your shots fly straighter and further.

We’ll also give you specific recommendations to consider. So, let’s get into the details and help you find a driver that can really make a difference in your performance.

Key Takeaways

In conclusion, for those of us who golf and have high handicaps, picking the right driver is crucial for improving our game. It’s essential to choose a driver that’s easy to hit and matches our swing style. We should look for one with a large sweet spot, a shaft that bends the right amount for our swing speed, and a comfortable grip. This boosts our confidence and makes golf more enjoyable.

Think of it like this: selecting the perfect driver is a smart strategy that plays a big role in getting better at golf.

Take the Ping G430 Max as an example. It’s built to be very forgiving, which is ideal for players with high handicaps. It has a generous sweet spot and offers shafts with various flex levels to suit your swing. A driver like the G430 Max can really help to improve your performance on the course.

Best Drivers For High Handicappers

After carefully looking at the market, we’ve found some great golf clubs that can help beginners get better.

The Ping G430 MAX is a top choice because it’s very forgiving and stable, which means it’s less likely you’ll hit the ball off-course.

The TaylorMade STEALTH 2 is another excellent option because it has a new carbon material on the face of the club, which can help you hit the ball faster.

Then there’s the Callaway Paradym driver, with a face designed by artificial intelligence to help keep your shots consistent in both spin and how far they travel.

These drivers are designed to make the game more enjoyable and could lower your scores.

Ping G430 MAX Driver

Let’s take a closer look at the Ping G430 MAX Driver. This golf club is a great choice for players with higher handicaps who want to improve their game using the latest technology. Priced at $549.00, it’s a significant purchase that can really help you play better.

The club has a special T9S+ forged face that helps the ball fly fast and far, which is perfect for golfers who want to hit it longer off the tee.

The design of the club includes an internal structure that makes it sound and feel good when you hit the ball, which can make you more confident when you’re about to swing.

It also has a feature that lets you adjust the center of gravity in three different positions. This is important because it lets you control how the ball flies, helping you to hit it further and more accurately. The face of the club is built to flex more, which means even if you don’t hit the ball perfectly in the center, it can still go a long way. This is really helpful for golfers who often miss the sweet spot when they swing.

Here are the details about the club:

  • Shaft: Stiff (6.0 Flex)
  • Options: You can choose between a 9-degree loft or a 10.5-degree loft
  • Condition: It’s brand new

Some good things about this driver are:

  • The forged face helps you hit the ball further
  • You can adjust the weight to fit your style of play
  • It feels and sounds good when you hit the ball

However, there are a couple of downsides:

  • It’s quite expensive
  • If you’re a very skilled golfer with a low handicap, it mightn’t be the best choice
  • There’s an extra cost if you want a protection plan and the adjustment tool
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TaylorMade STEALTH 2 Driver

We’re looking at the TaylorMade STEALTH 2 Driver, which is really good for golfers with high handicaps because it’s forgiving and boosts their performance without breaking the bank. This driver comes with different shaft stiffness options, so whether you have a fast or slow swing, you’ll find one that suits you. You can also get it in a length that fits your height and stance, which is key for hitting the ball well consistently.

For those who’ve trouble getting the ball to fly high, the driver’s 10.5 and 12-degree loft options are great. Plus, you can save 17% on the price, making this advanced driver more affordable. The thorough 6-point check before you buy and the one-year warranty make sure you’re getting a top-notch club.

Product Specs:

  • Choose from right or left-handed
  • Shafts come in various flexes
  • Lengths can be adjusted from 2 inches shorter to 2 inches longer
  • Loft angles of 10.5 and 12 degrees


  • It can be tailored to your own way of swinging
  • It’s designed to be forgiving, which is perfect for golfers with high handicaps
  • You’re getting a great deal with the price cut and quality guarantee


  • There aren’t many reviews out there to check what others think
  • Some golfers might want a simpler driver that doesn’t adjust
  • The option to buy it preowned might mean it’s not brand new

In a nutshell, the TaylorMade STEALTH 2 Driver is a solid choice for golfers looking to improve their game with a club that can be adjusted to fit their needs, all while offering a good price and quality assurance.

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Callaway Paradym Driver

If you’re a golfer with a high handicap and you want to get better, take a look at the Callaway Paradym Driver. It’s now more affordable thanks to a big price drop.

This driver is built with Paradym Shift Construction, which includes a full 360 Carbon Chassis, giving the club a great balance and making it easier to hit the ball well. The new Jailbreak A.I. technology in the club is designed to make the ball go faster and keep your shots consistent, which is really important for improving your game.

The face of the club is shaped by artificial intelligence to make sure your shots go straight and far. This precise design could really change how well you play. The club also has a special Face Cup and a Titanium Face that work together to make the ball go faster, helping you to hit it farther. Plus, there’s an option to adjust the weight around the edge of the club, so you can change how your shots curve to fit your own style of swinging.

Here’s a quick rundown of what the Callaway Paradym Driver offers:

  • Paradym Shift Construction with a full 360 Carbon Chassis
  • Jailbreak A.I. Technology to speed up the ball and keep shots consistent
  • Artificially designed face for accurate shots
  • Face Cup and Titanium Face for faster ball speeds
  • Adjustable weight around the edge for custom shot shapes


  • Better forgiveness, making it easier to hit good shots
  • Faster ball speed and stable shots
  • More accurate shots
  • Ability to customize how your shots curve


  • Might be pricey for some
  • The advanced features might take some time to learn
  • Not the best choice if you like traditional drivers
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Srixon ZX5 MKII Driver

The Srixon ZX5 MKII Driver is a top pick for golfers with high handicaps because it helps you hit the ball further and with more control. Its Rebound Frame technology increases the speed of the ball, which is great for those who don’t always hit the ball perfectly. This makes your game more consistent.

The driver’s Star Frame Crown design also makes the ball fly high and with the right amount of spin, which means it will travel further through the air. The face of the club has different thicknesses which helps keep your shots straighter, even when you don’t hit the ball right in the center. The design of the ZX5 MKII is big and flat, giving you the confidence that you can hit good shots from different positions on the course.

Here are some details about the driver:

  • You can choose from a 9.5-degree or 10.5-degree loft.
  • There are various shafts to fit your style, with different flexes and lengths.
  • The price for a brand-new driver is BZ$1,081.13.
  • If you’re looking for a deal, a certified preowned one costs BZ$794.62.
  • It comes with a headcover that’s not specific to the brand.
  • The driver has been through a 6-point check to make sure it’s in good shape.
  • It comes with a 12-month warranty.

The benefits of this driver include:

  • It’s very forgiving, so it’s easier to hit good shots.
  • It makes the ball go fast and far.
  • It helps the ball launch well and spin correctly for more distance.

However, there are a few downsides:

  • It’s more expensive than some other drivers on the market.
  • If you like a smaller driver head, this mightn’t be the best fit for you.
  • The loft choices are limited.
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Mizuno ST-G 440 Driver

The Mizuno ST-G 440 Driver is a great choice for golfers with higher handicaps who want to lower their spin and gain more control when hitting the ball from the tee. Its 440cc head is shaped like a pear and has a deep face, perfect for golfers who need their shots to be precise. The driver’s new Beta Rich Ti-LFS face is lighter and quicker than the ones before, helping golfers hit the ball further.

This driver also has a special feature called the CORTECH Chamber, which makes the bottom of the club more flexible, helping the ball speed stay high no matter where it hits the face. The chamber uses TPU material, which cuts down on stress on the face and makes vibrations less jarring. This gives the driver a better feel and sound that serious golfers will love. With different options for the shaft and the angle of the club head (loft), the ST-G 440 can be tailored to match the way each golfer swings. This makes it a strong choice for anyone wanting to get better at hitting the ball far.

Here’s a quick look at the driver’s specifications:

  • The head is 440cc, pear-shaped.
  • It’s made with a Beta Rich Ti-LFS face.
  • It has a CORTECH Chamber with TPU material.
  • You can choose a loft of either 9.5 or 10.5 degrees.
  • The shaft comes in Stiff, Regular, 6.0, or 6.5 Flex.
  • It has a standard angle when lying flat (Lie Angle).

The benefits of this driver are:

  • It creates less spin.
  • It offers a better feel and sound.
  • You can customize the shaft and loft.

However, there are a few downsides:

  • It’s expensive.
  • Not all golfers like the smaller head size.
  • There mightn’t be many in stock.

Choosing the Mizuno ST-G 440 Driver could really help you if you’re looking to play better on longer holes. It’s built to make your drives more accurate and give you the feel that good players need. Just keep in mind that it comes with a higher price tag and mightn’t be as readily available as other drivers.

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Things To Consider When Buying A New Driver

When you’re shopping for a new golf driver, think about if it will really help your performance. It’s important to look at the flexibility of the shaft and the angle of the loft because these details can make your tee shots go farther and straighter.

Also, make sure the driver is forgiving enough to handle shots that aren’t hit perfectly. This can keep your game on track even when your swing isn’t perfect.

Lastly, you want to get good value for your money. Choose a driver that’s well-made but still affordable. For example, the TaylorMade M6 Driver is known for its speed-enhancing features and forgiving design, making it a great choice for players looking to improve their game without breaking the bank.

Do You Need A Upgrade

If you’re trying to improve your golf game, you might be thinking about getting a new driver. Here are some important things to consider:

  • Latest Technology: Is your driver old? New drivers often have better technology that can help your game.
  • Your Skills: Make sure the new driver matches what you can do. If you’re a beginner, look for a driver that helps with that.
  • Your Goals: Think about what you want to get better at—hitting the ball farther, being more precise, or both.
  • Fits with Your Clubs: Your new driver should work well with your other clubs.
  • Your Budget: Decide how much you’re ready to spend to play better.

Getting better at golf means practicing, but having the right equipment is also key. When your driver fits your goals and skills, you can really improve your scores.

For example, if you’re aiming for more distance, the TaylorMade SIM2 might be a good choice. Remember to pick carefully, and you’ll be on your way to lower scores.

Shaft Flexibility

When looking at what helps golfers with high handicaps hit better shots, the flexibility of the golf club’s shaft really matters. If the shaft bends easily, it can help golfers who don’t swing very fast. This extra bend, known as the whip effect, helps shoot the golf ball higher and farther.

On the other hand, golfers who swing fast need a harder shaft to hit the ball straighter and with more control. It’s really important to choose a shaft that matches how you swing. A good idea is to have a golf pro watch you swing and tell you which shaft is best for you. This way, you make sure your golf club works just right for you.

In short, picking the right shaft can make a big difference in your game, so take the time to get it right.

Loft Angle Options

When you’re picking out a driver for golf, the loft angle is key because it changes how the ball flies and how far it goes. Here’s an easy-to-follow guide to get it right:

  • For those with a slower golf swing, a higher loft angle, which is between 12 and 15 degrees, helps the ball go higher and farther.
  • If you swing fast, go for a lower loft angle, around 9 to 11 degrees, to keep the ball’s flight lower and more controlled.

Adjustable loft drivers are great because you can tweak the settings as you get better, making sure your driver keeps up with your game.

  • Loft angle also changes how much the ball spins in the air. More loft means more backspin, which can make the ball lift more.
  • It’s also about what feels right for you. Pick a loft that fits how you naturally swing, so you get the best results.

Let’s say you’ve just started golfing and you’re not sure about your swing speed. In that case, a driver with an adjustable loft could be a smart choice, like the TaylorMade M3 Driver, which lets you change the loft as you learn and adjust.

Forgiveness Level

If you’re a golfer with a high handicap, finding a driver that forgives your mistakes is key. This means you’ll do better even when you don’t hit the ball perfectly.

A driver built for forgiveness usually has a bigger area on the face—the sweet spot—where you can hit the ball and still get good results. It also has weight distributed around the edges, which makes your shots more stable and less likely to spin off course. The design of the clubhead and where the center of gravity (CG) sits also play a big part. A CG that’s low and toward the back of the head makes it easier to get the ball airborne.

Here’s a simple breakdown of what to look for:

  • Sweet Spot Size: A bigger sweet spot gives you a better chance to hit good shots, even if you don’t hit the ball dead center.
  • CG Placement: When the CG is low and back, it’s easier to hit the ball high into the air.
  • Perimeter Weighting: This adds balance to your shots and helps cut down on hooks and slices.

When it’s time to pick a new driver, remember these features if you want one that can help cover up some of the mistakes in your swing. For example, the TaylorMade SIM2 Max Driver is known for its large sweet spot and forgiving design.

Keep these factors in mind to find the best driver for your game.

Price Range

When looking for a golf driver as a high handicapper, the prices can be very different. It’s important to find a good balance between how much you can spend and the features you need. Here’s what to consider:

  • Technology: Look for helpful features like the ability to change weights or adjust the angle of the driver, but be aware that these can make the driver more expensive.
  • Brand Prestige: Well-known brands might cost more just because of their name.
  • Material Quality: Drivers that cost more are often made with better materials that can last longer and help you play better.
  • Aesthetics: Only spend more for a good-looking driver if it makes you feel more confident.
  • Fitting: Paying for a driver that’s custom-fitted to your style can really help your game.

Choose a driver that matches your abilities and goals. The most expensive one mightn’t be the best for you. For example, the TaylorMade M2 Driver is a great option for those looking to improve their game without breaking the bank. It offers a nice balance of quality and affordability. Remember to pick a driver that feels right for you and helps improve your game.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does the Shaft Flex Affect the Performance of Drivers for High Handicappers?

Choosing the right shaft flex for your golf driver is crucial, especially if you’re a player with a high handicap. The shaft flex affects how the club feels and performs during your swing. When you have the correct shaft flex, it helps your driver work with you, boosting the height and distance of your ball flight. Think of it as a slingshot that’s perfectly tuned to your strength and speed – it can send the ball flying farther. However, if the flex doesn’t match your swing, you might find your shots are off-target or don’t go as far as they should. For example, a shaft that’s too stiff might make your shots low and short, while one that’s too flexible can send the ball in unpredictable directions. It’s like using a slingshot that’s either too rigid or too loose – neither will hit the target well. So, for high handicappers looking to improve, I’d recommend trying out a driver with a more flexible shaft, which can make the game more forgiving and enjoyable.

Can Custom Fitting for a Driver Make a Significant Difference for a High Handicapper’s Game?

Getting a driver custom-fitted can really help a golfer with a high handicap. It does this by making sure the driver is just right for their swing, which helps the golf ball fly better, makes shots more predictable, and boosts how well they play. For example, if someone often slices the ball, a fitting might adjust the driver to correct this. It’s like having a suit tailored; it just fits better. This can lead to fewer mistakes on the course and lower scores. Plus, golfers can enjoy the game more when they’re playing well, so a custom-fitted driver isn’t just about better equipment—it’s about a better experience on the golf course.

Are There Specific Drivers That Help Reduce a Slice for High Handicappers?

Yes, there are certain golf drivers designed to help players who often slice the ball. These drivers have special features like offset heads and strategic weight placement, which help in making the ball’s flight path straighter. This is really helpful for golfers with high handicaps because it makes their shots more accurate, leading to better performance on the golf course. For example, the Cobra F-Max Airspeed Offset Driver is known for assisting players in reducing slices. Using the right equipment can make a big difference in your game.

How Often Should a High Handicapper Replace Their Driver for Optimal Performance?

If you’re a golfer with a high handicap, it’s a good idea to get a new driver every 4 to 5 years. This means you’ll benefit from the most recent advancements in golf club technology, which can help improve your game. However, remember to check the condition of your driver regularly and think about how your skills are developing. If your driver is showing signs of damage or if you’ve gotten significantly better at golf, you might want to replace it sooner. For example, if you notice that the driver’s face is dented or the shaft is bent, it’s time for a new one. When choosing a new driver, consider options like the TaylorMade SIM2 Max or the Callaway Epic Speed, which are designed to provide forgiveness and help high handicappers get better results off the tee.

Is It Beneficial for High Handicappers to Use Drivers With Adjustable Weights and Lofts, or Should They Stick to Fixed Settings?

Golfers who are just starting out or who have a high handicap can really benefit from using drivers with adjustable weights and lofts. This is because these features let you change the club to fit your individual swing better. As you get better at golf, being able to adjust your driver can help you hit the ball straighter and control how far it goes more effectively. For example, if you’re struggling with a slice, you can adjust the weights to help straighten your shots. Fixed settings don’t offer this level of customization, so having the option to tweak your driver can make a big difference in your game. It’s like having a club that grows with you and your abilities. If you’re looking to try one out, the TaylorMade M3 Driver is a great choice with its adjustable features designed for players looking to improve.


To wrap it up, if we’re golfers with high handicaps, finding the right driver can really help us lower our scores. It’s all about getting a driver that’s very forgiving and fits how we swing. Look for a driver with a big sweet spot, a shaft that has the right amount of flex for you, and a grip that feels good in your hands. This will make you feel more confident and make playing golf more fun.

Think of it this way: getting the right driver for you is a clever move and a key part of getting better at golf.

For example, a driver like the Ping G430 Max is designed for forgiveness and could be a great choice for high handicappers. It has a big sweet spot and comes with different shaft flex options to match your swing speed. Choosing a driver like this can make a noticeable difference in your game.