4 Best Putters For Beginners: Start Your Golf Journey Today

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best putters for beginners

If you’re a beginner in golf, looking at the best putters for beginners to elevate your game from the start include the 2-Ball Eleven Tour Lined CH Putter, the Wilson Staff Buckingham Infinite Putter, the KING Vintage Nova Putter, and the Cleveland Golf Huntington Beach Soft Premier #11 Single Bend Putter.

The 2-Ball Eleven Tour Lined CH Putter, a golf club characterized by its ease in aligning shots and stability, stands out among its peers. Another notable golf stick, the Wilson Staff Buckingham Infinite Putter, offers great value due to its comfortable grip and balance.

If you favor a blend of old and new, the KING Vintage Nova Putter fits the bill. It brings together a time-honored design with modern enhancements. On the other hand, the Cleveland Golf Huntington Beach Soft Premier #11 Single Bend Putter shines in offering a pleasant touch and forgiveness on the golf course.

Each of these golfing tools shines in different aspects of play, from helping with shot alignment to managing weight distribution. They ensure beginners have the right equipment to elevate their game. Delving deeper will provide more insights into selecting the suitable putter for your unique playing style.


If you’re a beginner seeking to improve your golf game, four top putters can help. Firstly, mallet-style putters, perfect for novices, provide stability and forgiveness for not-so-perfect hits. Secondly, putters featuring bold and simple aids for alignment can help improve targeting and setup. Thirdly, putters with adjustable weights offer the possibility to adapt the club to individual swing styles, thus enhancing control. Fourthly, a putter with a comfortable grip and length that suits the player’s height is essential for maintaining proper posture and consistent strokes. Lastly, for beginners, affordable putters with basic features are more than sufficient for learning, with choices ranging from $30 to $100.

2-Ball Eleven Tour Lined CH Putter

2-Ball Eleven Tour Lined Putter

The 2-Ball Eleven Tour Lined CH Putter is a perfect selection for beginners aiming for precision and consistency in their golf game. This golf club, crafted by Odyssey, boasts a cutting-edge Eleven mallet structure, a White Hot insert, and a Stroke Lab shaft, offering superior control and feel.

Its unique design includes a forward center of gravity, providing blade-like accuracy, and a high moment of inertia, enhancing speed control and reducing off-center hits. With the Red Stroke Lab Shaft, lighter and more stable than previous versions, stroke consistency gets a boost.

The Tour Lined variant of this putter offers exceptional alignment aids. Its two-ball structure simplifies putt alignment, paving an easier path for beginners to refine their putting skills.

However, the advanced technology and materials used could make it more expensive than typical putters.

Key Features:

  • Enhanced feel and stroke consistency through White Hot insert and Stroke Lab shaft.
  • Improved accuracy and speed control via forward center of gravity and high moment of inertia.
  • Simplified alignment for beginners with the Tour Lined model.


  • Potential higher cost due to advanced technology and materials.

Ideal for: Beginners aiming for improved precision and consistency, benefitting from top-tier Odyssey features.

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Wilson Staff Buckingham Infinite Putter

Buckingham Infinite Putter

The Wilson Staff Buckingham Infinite Putter is the perfect starting point for novice golfers looking to boost their performance. The putter’s standout feature is its studio fitting service, where a Specialist guides players in choosing the right gear. This personalized guidance provides beginners with equipment suggestions tailored to their needs, significantly enhancing their game.

Moreover, a recent price drop from $129.99 to $99.98 (At time of this review) makes this golf putter a more attractive option for those just stepping into the sport.

This Putter is very well balanced, and looks incredible. I personally used this putter for more than 2 seasons helping me with my putting

Best Suited For: Novice golfers wanting to significantly boost their game with expertly fitted gear and comprehensive support.


  • More affordable due to a price drop from $129.99 to $99.98.


  • May not be everyone’s first choice of putter, But definitely give it a try
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KING Vintage Nova Putter

KING Nova Putter

The KING Vintage Nova Putter by COBRA Golf is an ideal choice for golf enthusiasts seeking to improve their putting skills. It boasts a classic fang form and a triple sightline, enhancing alignment.

The putter is made from strong 304-grade stainless steel, imparting durability. This design enhances the golfer’s accuracy and consistency on the green by aligning the golf ball perfectly.

The putter features a SIK Aluminum Face Insert that utilizes Descending Loft Technology. This guarantees superior precision in putts and a better feel, leading to straighter and more accurate shots.

An adjustable weighting system is also incorporated in the design. This includes twin 10g sole weights that can be increased to +30g, allowing golfers to modify the putter’s feel and stability to their liking. For additional customization, golfers can purchase heavier weights separately.

This putter is best suited for golfers at any skill level aiming to refine their putting technique. The customization options provide a significant advantage. However, the need to purchase heavier weights separately may add to the overall cost.


  • Looks Incredible
  • Really good price point for beginner golfers


  • Not any cons in my opinion
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Cleveland Golf Huntington Beach Soft Premier #11 Single Bend Putter

HB SOFT Premier #11 Single Bend Putter

The Cleveland Golf Huntington Beach Soft Premier #11 Single Bend Putter is an excellent selection for beginners aiming to enhance their golfing skills. This putter, featuring Speed Optimized Face Technology, provides consistent speed control, helping to improve accuracy on the greens. Its Precision Milled Face, adorned with a diamond CNC milling pattern, ensures a pure roll for better distance control.

The putter’s Gray Satin PVD finish gives it a premium look, while two grip choices allow for customization to fit individual playing styles. It has received high praise from buyers who have complimented its feel, design, and performance. Despite its high-quality features, it remains affordable, making it an outstanding choice for those new to the game.

However, golfers who prefer a heavier or differently shaped putter might not find it to their liking. Overall, it’s an excellent tool for novice golfers hoping to improve their game without breaking the bank.

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Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Putters for Beginners

When choosing the best putters for beginners, several key factors must be taken into account.

Firstly, the putter type should align with the player’s stroke style.

Secondly, features that assist in alignment can improve the accuracy of the stroke.

The balance between the weight of the putter and the comfort of the grip is critical for gaining better control and feel.

Lastly, the putter’s length has a direct effect on the player’s stance and the efficiency of their stroke.

These elements must all be considered to ensure optimal performance on the golf course.

Putter Type Selection

Choosing the right putter significantly influences a beginner’s golf experience. Novices often benefit from mallet-style putters, known for larger heads that offer more forgiveness and stability. Traditionalists might lean towards blade-style putters, offering a classic aesthetic but requiring a more precise stroke due to a smaller sweet spot.

High MOI putters, with their high forgiveness on off-center strikes, are particularly beneficial for beginners. A proper putter length, typically within the 33 to 35 inches range, plays a crucial role in ensuring a correct setup and overall alignment, eliminating the need for specific alignment features.

If you are wanting to know which putter style is best suited for you between Blade Vs Mallet putter, then be sure to check out our article on it. We go in depth to find out which one is suited for your game and to start lowering your handicap

Alignment Features

To enhance their play, novice golfers need to focus on putters with distinct alignment aids. These aids, which can be lines, dots, or shapes, are crucial for accurate setup and target aiming. Putters with bold alignment features help in correctly setting the target.

The presence of these features on a putter can significantly boost a beginner’s accuracy and faith by allowing for more consistent alignment with the intended target. Putters with alignment features that contrast with the club head color make alignment easier.

For beginners, the simplicity of these aids is necessary. They not only improve the visualization of the desired putting path but also encourage a consistent and repeatable stroke by promoting proper setup and alignment.

Weight and Balance

In golf, the weight and balance of a putter significantly impact a player’s performance. This is especially true for novices looking to hone their skills. A putter with uniform weight distribution aids in executing a fluid stroke, resulting in better ball control.

The inclusion of adjustable weights in putters is advantageous. It allows golfers to alter the balance of the club to suit their own playing style, leading to more consistent putts. A well-balanced and appropriately weighted putter promotes the steadiness of the stroke, enhancing accuracy and distance control.

Putters on the lighter side are easier to handle, aiding in the development of a regular putting stroke. In essence, the right putter, with its weight and balance tailored to the golfer’s comfort and confidence, is crucial for precise alignment of putts and for refining overall performance on the putting green.

Grip Comfort

For novice golfers, the comfort of the club’s handle significantly impacts their ability to maintain a steady hold. The handle’s dimensions and composition play a critical role in ensuring a pleasant touch and control over the club.

Novices should try out diverse handle dimensions and materials to find the one that best fits their hand proportions and preferences, thus achieving optimal comfort. A comfortable handle can significantly decrease stiffness in the hands and arms, leading to more fluid and regular strokes.

Moreover, handles designed with ergonomics in mind can guide proper hand positioning and alignment – vital for novices striving to hone a dependable and consistent stroke technique.

Length Importance

The length of a putter significantly influences the performance of novice golfers. This golf club aspect ensures an optimal posture and alignment during putting strokes, crucial for accuracy and consistent play.

Taller players may find a longer putter helpful in maintaining a comfortable stance, thus improving control over the golf ball. In contrast, shorter putters can provide a more stable and controlled stroke, often making them a perfect choice for newcomers.

Price Considerations

When starting out in golf, a budget-friendly putter is the best choice. It balances cost and quality, and allows beginners to focus on basic skills before upgrading.

These starter putters, ranging from $30 to $100, offer necessary features like basic alignment aids and a good feel. This level of equipment is perfect for learning the fundamentals of the game.

As skills improve, considering a more specialized or pricier putter becomes a viable option.

Brand Reputation

Evaluating the reputation of a brand is a crucial step when choosing putters for beginners. Renowned enterprises, with a solid track record in producing high-quality putters, are often preferred by new golfers. They offer reliability and performance, proven over time.

Customer opinions, in the form of reviews and ratings, reflect a brand’s dedication to satisfying its clients. Brands leading in technological advancements and design enhancements provide features that greatly assist novices in refining their putting skills.

Notably, these reputable enterprises also offer warranties and guarantees, along with customer support. This provides beginners with needed help and assurance. Brands with a history of quality productspositive client feedback, and innovative features are key factors in selecting the perfect putter for beginners.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do Different Grip Sizes on Putters Affect a Beginner’s Gameplay and Comfort?

Grip sizes on putters, in their variety, significantly influence a beginner’s gameplay and comfort. They shape the control and feel during the putting stroke. The right-sized grips allow beginners to use a more natural and efficient putting technique.

Can Personal Putting Style Significantly Influence the Choice of Putter for a Beginner, and How?

Indeed, a novice’s individual style of putting heavily determines the selection of a golf club. This influences factors like aim, uniformity of strokes, and ease of use. Choosing a golf club that mirrors one’s inherent approach boosts both performance and the rate of learning.

Are There Specific Putters That Are Better Suited for Women Beginners, and What Makes Them Different?

Yes, there are putters that are particularly well-suited for beginner female golfers. These golf clubs, designed specifically for women, are characterized by their lighter weight, reduced length, and unique design. The design caters to a woman’s grip and stance, enabling a more efficient and comfortable initiation into the sport of golf.

How Do Beginners Maintain and Care for Their Putters to Ensure Longevity and Consistent Performance?

In response to the inquiry on how a novice can preserve their golfing putter and ensure its enduring performance, the answer is simple. First, the putter’s clubhead and handle, or ‘grip’, demand routine tidying. Second, one should evade environments of harsh temperatures. Third, employing protective sheaths, known as ‘headcovers’, can avert potential harm to the putter. Lastly, an occasional inspection for signs of wear and issues of alignment is necessary. These actions, when performed consistently, guarantee the putter’s durability and consistent performance.


The best putters for beginners are the 2-Ball Eleven Tour Lined CH Putter, Wilson Staff Buckingham Infinite PutterKING Vintage Nova Putter, and Cleveland Golf Huntington Beach Soft Premier #11 Single Bend Putter. These golf clubs blend function, aesthetics, and forgiveness, making them perfect for beginners.

The design of the club head, the length and weight of the club, its balance, and the golfer’s comfort with the club should guide the selection process. The right club can boost a beginner’s assurance and skill on the golf course.