Finding the Perfect Putter Length Based On Height: A Comprehensive Guide for Golfers

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Putter Length Based On Height

Choosing the right putter length based on height can have a huge impact on your ability to sink more putts. But with so many options, how do you know which putter length is correct for your height and swing? This comprehensive guide will walk you through everything you need to know about measuring for the perfect custom putter length.

Putters typically range from 32-38 inches. The right length for you depends on several factors like your height, arm length, posture, and putting stroke. A putter that’s too long or short can negatively affect accuracy and distance control on the green. That’s why dialling in the proper length is crucial for improving your putting consistency.

In this article, we’ll cover:

  • How to measure your ideal putter length
  • What length is standard based on your height
  • Factors that impact proper putter length
  • Tips for extenders and alternative putter lengths
  • Drills to test if your putter length is correct

Follow these steps to find the optimum putter length for your body type and putting mechanics. With the right measurements, you’ll gain confidence rolling in more one-putts.

Key Takeaways for Finding Your Proper Putter Length Based On Height

  • Measure from your palms to the floor to determine ideal putter length
  • Use standard guidelines based on height as a starting point
  • Factor in arm length, posture, and stroke style to pick a length
  • Extenders allow lengthening without getting a new putter
  • Shorter golfers should try junior putters or cutting down a steel shaft
  • Test different lengths using drills for distance, stroke, and contact
  • Get fitted by a professional putter fitter for ultra-precise recommendations

With the correct putter length dialed in, you’ll immediately gain more confidence from shorter distances. Take the time to properly measure and test lengths to find your ideal putter for improved consistency. Consistently striking the ball crisply will have you sinking more one-putts in no time.

How Do You Properly Measure Putter Length?

Finding your proper putter length starts with learning how to measure it correctly. Here is a simple process for measuring your current putter length or determining the ideal length for a new putter:

Step 1: Stand in your normal putting stance with your eyes directly over the golf ball. Have your arms and hands relaxed in front of your body.

Step 2: Still in your putting position, let your arms hang down so the putter shaft points straight to the ground.

Step 3: Have someone measure from the bottom of your palms to the ground. This is your ideal putter length.

Step 4: For your current putter, measure from the bottom of the grip cap to the sole of the putter head. Compare this length to the measurement from Step 3.

This straightforward method gives you an accurate measurement for proper putter length based on your physical attributes. If your current putter is more than 1-inch longer or shorter than the measurement from your palms, you may need a different length putter.

What Is the Standard Putter Length by Height?

The standard putter length is 35 inches. This is the typical length for putters sold off the rack at most golf stores.

But what length should you use based on your height? Here are general guidelines for standard putter length based on height:

  • 5’0” to 5’4” = 32”-33” putter
  • 5’5” to 5’8” = 34” putter
  • 5’9” to 6’0” = 35” putter
  • 6’1” to 6’4” = 36” putter
  • 6’5″ and taller = 37”-38” putter

Keep in mind these are just averages. The proper putter length for you also depends on other physical attributes like arm length, posture, and putting mechanics.

Use the guidelines above as a starting point. But be sure to precisely measure based on the process in the previous section to dial in your ideal putter length.

What Impacts the Correct Putter Length?

Along with your height, several other factors affect the proper putter length for your game:

Arm Length

If you have longer arms, you may need a longer putter than standard. Shorter arms require a shorter putter. Measure your arm length against the guidelines above to determine if you need a non-standard putter size.

Posture and Stance

The more bent over your posture and narrow your stance, the shorter your ideal putter length. If you have a straight back and wide stance, consider a longer putter than average.

Hand Position

If you anchor the putter grip against your forearm or chest, you can use a longer putter. A putting style with the hands separated in front of the body requires a shorter length.

Putting Stroke Arc

Straight back and through strokes allow longer putters. Strong arcing strokes and those with wrist action need shorter lengths for control. Test different lengths to find the maximum size for your stroke.

Length Extenders for Longer Putters

Some golfers benefit from extra-long putters, like belly or broomstick lengths over 40 inches.

Rather than buying a new specialty putter, length extenders are a cheaper way to experiment with longer sizes. Extenders attach below the grip of a standard length putter.

Extra-long putters help those with back issues maintain posture. Length extenders allow golfers to choke down for more control.

Try various extender lengths on the practice green to find your ideal extended putter length. Focus on posture and solid contact when testing different sizes.

Tips for Shorter Than Standard Putter Lengths

On the opposite end, golfers under 5’5” or with an arched putting stroke may need a shorter putter for accuracy.

If you fall below the average height guidelines, start by testing putters 1-2 inches shorter than standard. Choke down on the grip if necessary to find the right length.

Cutting down the shaft of a steel putter can also shorten the length. But keep in mind that will change the swing weight and feel.

Petite golfers can also consider junior putters made for youth players. These have specialized grips and shaft weights to accommodate a shorter length.

Drills to Test if Your Putter is the Correct Length

Once you narrow down your ideal putter length, these drills will confirm you’ve selected the proper size:

Ball Line Drill – Set up to a straight putt and align the putter face directly behind the ball. If the end of the grip points to your mid-torso, the length is correct. If it points to your belly button or chest, it’s too long.

Mirror Drill – Make practice strokes in front of a mirror while watching for proper arm hang and posture. Your arms and putter should make a perfect Y shape at address.

Distance Control – Hit putts at 5, 10, and 15 feet trying to end within 12 inches of the hole. Consistent distance control indicates an appropriate putter length.

Free Stroke – Make some pendulum-like practice strokes without a ball. Your ideal length will allow free motion without overreaching or feeling too upright.

Ball Position – From 10 feet, roll 3-5 putts trying to make solid contact under the centre of the face. Consistent impact indicates the putter length suits your stroke.

Get Fitted for the Correct Putter Length

While you can measure your standard putter length at home, getting fit by a professional is ideal for dialling in the specifics.

A certified putter fitter will analyse your posture, mechanics, and stroke type to recommend an exact length for optimal performance.

Lie angle, loft, and grip style are other custom specifications that a fitting can identify. The incremental details can take your putting to the next level.

If getting fitted isn’t feasible, follow the measurement process above using proper technique. Test different lengths to find the one that produces the best distance control and consistency.


Q: Why does putter length matter in golf?

A: Putter length matters in golf because it can greatly affect your putting stroke and the overall consistency of your game. Using the right putter length can improve your putting technique and help you sink more putts.

Q: What is putter fitting and why is it important?

A: Putter fitting is the process of getting custom-fitted for a putter based on your height, posture, and putting stroke. It is important because it ensures that you have the right putter length and style that complements your game.

Q: Is there a specific putter length for my height and posture?

A: Yes, your height and posture can determine the proper length of your putter. Getting fitted for a putter will help you find the right length that suits your individual characteristics.

Q: What should I do if my putter is too long?

A: If your putter is too long, it can negatively impact your putting stroke. Consider getting it shortened to the appropriate length based on your height and putting posture to improve your putting game.

Q: Can I extend the length of my putter to fit my height?

A: It’s not recommended to extend the length of a putter as it can alter its balance and feel. It’s best to find a putter that’s the right length for your height through proper fitting.

Q: What should I do if my putter is too short?

A: If your putter is too short, it can cause you to hunch over during your putting stroke, leading to inconsistency. Consider getting fitted for a putter that’s the right length for your height and posture to improve your putting performance.

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