5 Effective Putting Stroke Drills at Home: Master Your Putting

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Putting Stroke Drills At Home

Looking to improve your putting with effective putting stroke drills at home ?

In this article, we have a variety of putting stroke drills that you can easily practice in your living room or backyard. These drills will help you develop rhythm, speed, and precision for different distances.

The best part is that you can practice whenever it’s convenient for you, saving you time and hassle.

Get ready to become a confident and accurate putter with these simple and effective golf putting drills.


Key Takeaways For Putting Stroke Drills At Home

Practicing putting stroke drills at home can greatly improve your skills on the green. By focusing on your grip and alignment, perfecting your pendulum swing, honing your distance control, incorporating gate drills, utilizing visualization techniques, and utilizing a putting mat, you can develop the rhythm, speed, and feel necessary for a successful putt on the golf course.

Consistent practice is key to becoming a more confident and accurate putter. So, take advantage of the convenience and flexibility of home practice sessions to enhance your putting abilities.

Remember, practice makes perfect!

Grip and Alignment

putting stroke drills at home

Putting stroke drills at home always begin with alignment. To ensure proper alignment in your putting stroke, it’s important to have a solid grip on the putter. The grip forms the foundation of your stroke and directly impacts your ability to square the putter face at impact.

When practicing your putting stroke at home, focus on achieving a consistent and comfortable grip. Start by placing your hands on the grip with a light but firm pressure, ensuring that your palms and fingers are securely connected to the putter.

Make sure your thumbs are aligned along the top of the grip for added control.

Pendulum Stroke Swing

Improve your putting stroke by practicing the pendulum swing regularly at home. This motion is crucial for achieving accuracy and distance control on the green.

Find a quiet space indoors where you have enough room to swing your putter freely. Set up a putting mat or green a few feet away to simulate a real putting surface.

Lightly grip the putter and focus on keeping your arms and shoulders relaxed. Maintain a constant tempo and rhythm throughout the stroke, allowing the putter to swing back and forth like a pendulum.

Keep your eyes on the ball and ensure the putter face stays square to the target line. Consistent practice of the pendulum swing will enhance your stroke and lead to improved performance on the greens.

9. One-Handed Drill (Tiger Woods Drill)

If you were fortunate enough to see Tiger Woods at a PGA Tour event, you might have witnessed his pre-round warm-up putting routine, which includes the one-handed drill. Woods will putt one-handed with his dominant hand for 12 putts and then re-introduce his non-dominant hand. Woods also pins two tees in the ground along the toe and heel of his putter to make a gate when he does this drill. This practice gives instant feedback on the impact, so you’ll know if you hit the ball in the middle of the clubface.


Distance Control At Home

Improve your putting distance control with a simple drill you can do at home. This putting practice focuses on sharpening your distance control and enhancing your putting accuracy.

Set up a 2-foot by 2-foot zone using tape or markers, or you can use four glasses to create the zone. The goal is to putt four balls into the zone, with each ball traveling slightly farther than the previous one. Make sure the fourth ball stays within the zone.

Start from a distance of 3 feet and gradually increase the distance as you develop a better sense of distance control. This drill will help you refine your putting stroke, improve your putter path, and ultimately enhance your overall putting accuracy.

Incorporate this indoor putting drill into your home routine and take your distance control and putting game to the next level.

Gate Drills

Improve your putting skills and accuracy with gate drills. To set up, place your gate or box sleeves about 3-4 feet from the cup, making sure they’re wide enough for your putter to swing through, this is a challenging putting drill but can lead to excellent control of the putter

This drill can be done at home, providing a convenient way to practice. The goal is to hit the ball through the gate without touching it, which allows you to assess the alignment of your putter face and the path of your swing.

By repeating this drill, you can develop muscle memory for a consistent putting stroke. For an added challenge, you can set up another gate closer to the hole, requiring a more precise stroke to get the ball through.


Visualization Techniques To Use At Home

When practicing your putting stroke drills at home, it’s important to use visualization techniques to improve your skills. Visualization involves mentally imagining the perfect putt and the desired outcome. Close your eyes and picture yourself standing over the ball, seeing the line, and feeling the stroke.

Visualize a golf tee or a small target on the ground to aim for. As you swing the putter, imagine the putter face square and the ball rolling smoothly towards the hole. This visualization exercise helps reinforce muscle memory and enhance focus, leading to improved consistency on the greens.

Incorporating visualization techniques into your indoor putting practice can help strengthen your mental game and enhance your overall performance.

Indoor Putting Mat Practice

putting stroke drills at home 2

When practicing your putting stroke drills at home, using a putting mat can help improve your skills and consistency on the greens. A putting mat provides a surface that closely resembles an actual putting green, allowing you to replicate the feel and roll of the ball. It also offers the convenience of practicing indoors, regardless of the weather conditions.

Here are three key benefits of using a putting mat for your practice:

  1. Consistency: The putting mat provides a consistent and predictable surface for your golf ball, allowing you to focus on your stroke technique without any variations in roll.
  2. Feedback: The mat’s surface can reveal any inconsistencies in your stroke, helping you identify areas that need improvement.
  3. Distance control: By placing a tee or marker at different distances on the mat, you can work on your putting routine and develop a consistent stroke for various lengths.

Using a putting mat at home is an excellent way to practice your putting and consistently work on improving your game.

Can Using a Golf Chipper Improve My Putting Stroke?

Using a golf chipper can indeed improve your putting stroke. The specialized club allows you to easily chip the ball onto the green, minimizing strokes and improving accuracy. Implementing tips for golf chipping with a chipper, such as maintaining a controlled swing and focusing on a smooth follow-through, can truly enhance your putting performance.


Practicing putting stroke drills at home can significantly improve your skills on the green. By focusing on grip and alignment, pendulum swing, distance control, gate drills, visualization techniques, and using a putting mat, you can develop the rhythm, speed, and feel necessary for a successful putt.

It’s important to remember that consistent practice is key to becoming a more confident and accurate putter. So, take advantage of the convenience and flexibility of home practice sessions to enhance your putting abilities.

As the saying goes, ‘Practice makes perfect!’

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