What Are The Best Clubs To Use At Topgolf? Read On To Find Out

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what are the best clubs to use at topgolf

Hey there! Want to nail it at Topgolf and show off a bit? Picking the right clubs is super important – it’s basically what can make you the star of the show. Let’s talk about what are the best clubs to use at Topgolf, shall we?

At Topgolf, you’ll find a wide range of clubs to choose from including the big hitters (woods), the all-rounders (hybrids), the precise ones (irons), the short-game champs (wedges), and the final touch experts (putters). If you’ve played a bit before, you might want to grab some wedges and irons. Why? Wedges are awesome for practicing those big swings, and irons are great when you’re trying to be all neat and tidy getting the ball closer to the target.

Don’t have your own set of clubs? No sweat! Topgolf has plenty for you to use. Just think about a few things like how heavy the club feels, how long it is, the way you swing, and where you’re aiming to hit the ball. Get this right and you’ll be owning that Topgolf game.

Ready to give it a go? Grab that perfect club and let’s see what you’ve got!

Key Takeaways For What Are The Best Clubs To Use At Topgolf

When you’re gearing up for Topgolf, it’s all about what club feels like a natural extension of your arm.

Think about this: As a golfer, choose a club that’s neither too heavy nor too light, fit for your height, and that complements your swing style. Are you eyeing a particular target? Keep that in focus as you choose.

Don’t own any clubs? No problem at all! Topgolf has a whole set ready for you to use. And honestly, they’ve got a great selection that’ll do the trick perfectly.

So, what do you say? Let’s grab a club that feels good to you and hit some balls! Topgolf is calling our name for some fun times!

Quick Summary of Top Club Recommendations

Are you on the hunt for the perfect clubs to take to Topgolf? I’ve got you covered! Bring along your wedges and irons; they’re just the ticket for hitting the sweet spot in Topgolf’s distance range. Wedges are ace for short shots, and irons are spot-on when you’re aiming for those greens. Whether you’re just starting out or you’ve got a few rounds under your belt, these clubs won’t let you down.

Now, Topgolf’s got you covered too, with a whole bunch of clubs right there waiting for you – from the big hitters like woods to the precise putters. But here’s a pro tip: think about what feels right in your hands. The weight of the club, how long it is, your own unique swing – these things matter. And don’t forget your target!

Just a heads-up, the balls at Topgolf are made to stay within the park, so they mightn’t fly as far as you’re used to on a regular course. The clubs at Topgolf are tough cookies, made to last, with chunky heads and shafts that bend and flex for a relaxed game.

Factors to Consider in Club Selection For Topgolf

Let’s talk about picking the perfect club for your game. It’s not just about grabbing any old stick; there’s a bit to think about to make sure you have a blast.

First up, where you’re at with golf – are you just starting or have you been playing a while? If you’re new to the game, go for a club with a bigger head or a bendy shaft. This helps you whack the ball easier. For the seasoned players, you might already have a favourite type that feels just right.

Next, think about where you want the ball to go. Trying to hit a close target? A wedge might be your new best friend. If you’re aiming for the fences, you might want to reach for a wood, iron, or a driver to really send it flying.

Now, don’t forget about what feels good for you. Everyone’s different, so pick a club that sits right in your hands and matches how you like to play.

Lastly, let’s chat about the club’s size and heft. Longer clubs usually help the ball go the distance, but they can be a handful. Lighter clubs are a breeze to swing but mightn’t pack the same punch.

Should You Use Your Own Clubs At Topgolf?

Thinking about whether to lug your own clubs to Topgolf? Well, it could totally make your visit even better and help you up your game. Sure, Topgolf has plenty of clubs you can use, but let’s chat about the perks of bringing your own sticks.

First off, when you’ve got your own clubs, you can pick exactly the right one for each shot. It’s like having your favorite tools on hand – you know them inside out, and you get to choose the one that feels just right for the task. Plus, getting cozy with your own gear means you’ll probably hit the ball more consistently and straighter. Who doesn’t want that?

And there’s another thing: clubs that you’re used to just feel easier to swing. That can mean a lot more fun as you’re smacking those balls into the targets. So, if you’re keen on getting a better grip on your shots and stepping up your game, think about bringing your clubs along next time you hit Topgolf.

What do you say? Ready to bring a piece of home to the driving range? Your game might just thank you for it!

Ideal Irons and Wedges For Topgolf

Heading to Topgolf soon? Let me give you the inside scoop on which clubs to pack – grab a couple of irons and wedges. Why, you ask? Well, these buddies are just what you need for hitting those targets in your bay. Let me break it down for you:

First off, we’re talking distance control. Whether you’re fine-tuning your close-up shots or aiming a bit further out, wedges are like your Swiss Army knife for distance. They’ve got you covered.

Next up, let’s chat about the games at Topgolf. They’ve got all these fun target games, right? Wedges are your secret weapon for nailing those targets and racking up points. Think darts, but with golf clubs.

And here’s a biggie – wedges are super forgiving and a breeze to hit. Doesn’t matter if you’re a newbie or a seasoned pro, these clubs are about making sure you have a blast while you get better at your swing.

Just so you know, Topgolf has got you sorted with some fancy clubs, including Callaway gear, to make your swings feel amazing. Plus, with that cool Top Tracer tech, you’ll see your shots fly like never before.

Bring Your Putter To Topgolf

Don’t miss out on the fun – make sure to pack your putter when you head out to Topgolf!

You know, Topgolf isn’t just about smashing balls as far as you can; it’s also a cool spot to brush up on your short game. So, snagging your trusty putter on the way out gives you the chance to nail those putts in a super fun setting.

At Topgolf, you can totally pick a club from their stash or you can rock up with your own. Love your putter? Then bring it along! Just check that it feels right with the Topgolf balls. Think about how heavy it is, how long it is, and how it feels in your hands.

Plus, the best part is you can chow down on some tasty grub and sip on drinks while you’re playing.


Q: How do I choose the right club for playing at Topgolf?

A: When playing at Topgolf, consider your skill level and the distance you need to cover. Beginners may want to use designated areas within the hitting bays, while more experienced players can bring their own clubs or use the woods provided by Topgolf.

Q: What types of golf balls are used at Topgolf?

A: Topgolf offers high-tech golf balls designed for ease of use and accuracy, making it easier for players to hit longer shots and enjoy the game of golf.

Q: Is food and drinks provided at Topgolf?

A: Yes, Topgolf offers food and drinks for players to enjoy while spending time at the facility.

Q: What should I know about playing with my own clubs at Topgolf?

A: If you choose to bring your own clubs to Topgolf, it’s important to store them in designated areas within the hitting bays and use them responsibly during the game.

Q: Are Callaway golf clubs available at Topgolf?

A: Yes, Topgolf offers a variety of clubs, including those from reputable brands like Callaway, for players to use during their time at the facility.

Q: What do I need to know about the tee box at Topgolf?

A: The tee box is a designated area where players can comfortably play and make use of the clubs and high-tech golf balls provided by Topgolf to enjoy their golf entertainment.


Alright, let’s break it down! Picking out the best clubs for Topgolf? It’s really all about what feels right for you and how you play.

Think about how heavy you want your club, how long it should be, and how you like to swing. Got a certain spot you’re aiming for? Keep that in mind too.

Don’t have your own clubs? No sweat! Topgolf has got you covered with all the gear you’ll need. And if you’re wondering whether you should bring your own or use theirs, let me tell you, they’ve got a whole bunch to choose from that’ll fit the bill just fine.

So, what’re you waiting for? Grab some clubs and let’s go have a blast at Topgolf!

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