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  • Accomplished Jon Dawson, a seasoned Content Creator with a 15-year focus on golf guides and tips.
  • Holds a degree in horticulture from Oatridge College, where his golf journey began.
  • Brings a wealth of experience without a specific target audience, showcasing versatility.


As a Content Creator, Jon Dawson's expertise lies in crafting golf guides and tips honed over 15 years. Originating from a degree in horticulture at Oatridge College, Jon's passion for golf has evolved into a dynamic content creation journey. Jon's approach involves blending personal experience with the latest trends and techniques, ensuring his articles reflect both time-tested wisdom and cutting-edge insights. Beyond content creation, Jon extends his expertise to helping friends with content creation and refining their golf swings. In his personal life, Jon finds joy in spending time with his two daughters, wife, and puppy, exploring exciting places on long walks. This balance between professional dedication and family pursuits shapes Jon's holistic perspective on life.


Jon Dawson earned his degree in horticulture from Oatridge College, laying the foundation for his multifaceted career as a Content Creator in the golf niche. His journey includes no additional formal training, with Jon's expertise stemming from a genuine passion for the game.


While Jon hasn't specified platforms, his wealth of experience suggests a robust portfolio of featured content in the realm of golf guides and tips.

Writing Process

Jon Dawson's writing process is a fusion of personal experiences and staying abreast of the latest golfing trends. This unique perspective ensures that his articles resonate with readers seeking both traditional wisdom and innovative techniques.

Personal Interests

Outside the world of content creation, Jon cherishes moments with his family, taking long walks and exploring exciting places with their puppy, He also spends a lot of hours either at the golf course or the driving range perfecting his swing.

Future Endeavours

Jon's overarching goal is to elevate his content and reach a wider audience, aspiring to help as many people as possible through his expertise in golf guides and tips. This dedication reflects his commitment to making a positive impact in the realm of golf enthusiasts.

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