Are Recycled Golf Balls Good: What’s The Difference Between Recycled and New Balls

are recycled golf balls good

As you stand on the course, the coincidence isn’t lost on you: you’re looking to master your game just as you’re considering mastering your budget and your wondering are recycled golf balls good. You’ve got your eye on performance and cost, and you’re conducting your own golf ball test, weighing whether recycled balls can live … Read more

Mastering the Proper Golf Swing Rotation: 7 Essential Drills for Backswing and Downswing

proper golf swing rotation

If you want to hit the golf ball both far and accurately, you need to get your swing rotation right. This article breaks down the key parts of a good swing, from the start to the end. We’ll look at typical errors golfers make when they rotate, explain why it’s crucial to position your wrists … Read more